Kombucha Jars

I’m excited to share my new 2 gallons jars for brewing kombucha! These new jars are wider and will make it easier to harvest the liquid once it’s ready for bottling. Having a wider opening will also allow the kombucha culture to expand, giving it more oxygen to thrive in its favorite environment.

Pizza by Ocean

My family and I love finding exciting things to do on our days off. This time we explored Bodega Bay and found a rocky beach where we could relax and enjoy the evening. We made pizza from scratch in our new pizza oven with the sounds of waves splashing behind us. We ended the night by watching the sun set and driving back home through the countryside of Sebastopol, California.

Toluma Farms & Tomales Farmstead Creamery

It was an amazing experience getting to cook for a group of 15 people. I had the pleasure of working with this huge wood fire oven. Throughout the day my Tabby friend and I built the fire, stretched out pizza dough, topped the pizzas, and cooked them. The view from my outdoor kitchen was so inspiring! There was tall grass, lots of trees, the wind from the coast was blowing strong, and the herd of goats from up the hill was making cool noises. Towards the end of my cooking session, as the sun was going down I took a last look at the beautiful view of the pizza oven and prayed that we would meet again soon.


  • Squash blossoms, Toluma goat ricotta, extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs
  • Shiitake mushrooms, Brie, thyme
  • Jerked prawns, pineapple, Asiago